Shipping & Receiving

Domestic Orders

For the majority of our domestic customers we ship our scooters and ATV's through BaxGlobal

BAX Global offers multi-modal freight forwarding to business-to-business shippers worldwide, through a global network of 500 offices in 124 countries. Over 155 BAX offices are located right here in the U.S.

Within this sphere of North America, BAX offers a full line of BAXSuite transportation and supply chain solutions. Customers can select from two product options: BAXGuaranteed, which includes guaranteed overnight and second day products; BAXStandard services including overnight, second day; and BAXSaver, timely delivery within 1 to 3 business days in most cases.

Calculating your shipping cost:

We do not play games with our shipping costs, we provide you with the information and options to pick your level of shipping. If you use the table below, you may go directly to Bax Global and calculate how much shipping will be on your order.

Calculate my shipping charge

Total Dimensions for shipping: 66(L) x 18(W) x 34 (H)
Total Weight: 200lb


Total Dimensions for shipping: 58(L) x 33(W) x 30 (H)
Total Weight: 300lb

Tracking Your Orders:

Upon the processing of your order, we will email you the tracking number for your shipment. You may go to Bax Global and view your tracking from there.

Track my shipping

Do you have a specific shipper in mind for your order? We can arrange your shipments to go through anyone you want. . To setup alternate shipping you can contact us through the, General Contact Form or give us a phone call.

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