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AtomicScooter Forte 1200 Scooter

With sleek angular lines and the most powerful engine in it's class. Atomic Scooter's newest bike, the Forte 1200, is a phenomenal addition to an already feature filled line.

Like all of our scooters, the Forte 1200 is a four stroke engine. This is the kind of engine that runs your car. Unlike our competitors, in an effort to save money, who sell two stroke engine bikes, AtomicScooter sells easy starting, eco-friendly, scooters. Two stroke scooters will not last as long, will burn more oil, and will be as difficult to start as your weed wacker! We started our company as former automotive mechanics, and from the beginning we have never sold two stroke engines they just are not reliable enough for us to feel comfortable passing on to you.

Employing a CVT (constant velocity transmission) the Forte 1200 requires no additional shifting as you drive. This eliminates the learning curve for riding our scooters. If you can ride a bicyle in 15 minutes you will be riding our scooters.

Safety and ride quality should be a primary concern if you are in the market for a scooter. All of our scooters come with high quality drum brakes for powerful and reliable stopping.

Mechanically, the Forte provides the reliability and safety you need. Featuring full front independent suspension and swing arm rear suspension, the Forte will stay under your control and provide the most enjoyable ride possible.

For 2005, the Forte now comes equipped with a remote electric starter and alarm system. Instead of struggling with your scooter in front of the local café, you simply press a button and it turns on. With AtomicScooter your scooter is one click away whenever you need it. When you arrive at your destination, the same remote starter will activate your bike's alarm system providing an additional layer of security.

With a full bevy of mirrors, headlights, and a horn, your scooter is road-safe and ready.

To demonstrate our confidence in our scooters, we provide a 6 month warranty for failure of any part. We want to assure you that you will be happy with your purchase, and will go the extra mile to keep every customer happy.

To get you up and running there is some slight assembly.

Forte 1200 Scooter:

  • 50cc four stroke air cooled engine
  • Electric remote starter and alarm system
  • Stepless automatic transmission
  • Front and rear drum brakes
  • Headlights with brightness adjuster
  • Turn signals
  • Electric horn
  • Underseat locking trunk
  • Rear luggage rack

Scooter Stats:

  • Length x width x height (in): 67 x 27 x 42
  • Wheel base (in): 46
  • Curb weight (lb): 165
  • Rating power (N.m/r/min): 3.25/6500
  • Max. torque (N.m/r/min): 5.0/5500
  • Max. speed (mph): 32
  • Bore x stroke (in): 1.6 x 1.5
  • Economic fuel consumption: < / =1.6L/100kw
  • Max. load capacity (lb): 200
  • Displacement (ml): 49
  • Starting method: electric/kick
  • Ignition method: C.D.I.

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